Learn more about how the HUD Exchange provides resources and assistance to support HUD's community partners

What is the HUD Exchange?

The HUD Exchange is an online platform for providing program information, guidance, services, and tools to HUD's community partners, including state and local governments, nonprofit organizations, Continuums of Care (CoCs), Public Housing Authorities (PHAs), tribes, and partners of these organizations.

The HUD Exchange provides resources and assistance to support HUD's community partners including:

  • Programs and Related Topics
    • Program and Related Topic pages | Find home pages for HUD programs, systems, and related topics to help communities administer their programs.
    • Policy Areas | Learn more about what HUD is doing to support selected policy areas. Featured policy areas include affordable housing development and preservation, community and economic development, environment and energy, fair housing, ending homelessness, homeownership, rental assistance, and supportive housing and services.
  • Resources
    • Resource Library | Explore featured publications and browse regulations, policy guidance, toolkits, and other resources.
    • Frequently Asked Questions | Find answers to frequently asked questions grouped by program, system, and topics.
  • Trainings
    • Trainings | Find and register for upcoming and online trainings, and view and download materials from previously held trainings.
  • Program Support
    • Ask A Question | Ask policy and reporting system questions and receive answers from HUD and Technical Assistance (TA) providers.
    • Request Program Assistance | Request in-depth assistance with implementing a HUD-funded program.
  • Grantee Data and Profiles
    • Grantee Profiles | Find contact information, reports, and award information for organizations that receive HUD funding.
    • Awards and Allocations | View award data for CDBG, CoC, ESG, HOME, HOPWA, HTF, NSP, and RHP.
  • News
    • Email Updates | Subscribe to the mailing list for updates on new resources, training opportunities, HUD policies, and more, delivered straight to your inbox.
    • News | Browse or search the latest news related to new resources, training opportunities, HUD policies, and more.

Value of the HUD Exchange

The HUD Exchange provides value to HUD's grantees and their partners by centralizing resources and services and making information transparent and accessible, enabling grantees to increase their capacity, build skills, streamline processes, reduce errors, and enhance data collection.

Who should use the HUD Exchange?

The HUD Exchange is intended for recipients of HUD funding, such as state and local governments, nonprofit organizations, CoCs, PHAs, tribes, and their partners.

Are you an individual looking for housing or homeless assistance?

Visit our ‘Need Housing Assistance?’ page to find local agencies that provide a range of services including food, housing, health, and safety.

Center for Digital Government - Government Experience Awards Project Winner 2017


The HUD Exchange is the winner of a 2017 Center for Digital Government Project Experience Award which honors U.S. governments that have gone to the web and beyond to radically improve the experience of government and push the boundaries of how citizen services are delivered.

Other HUD Websites

  • HUD.gov is intended for the general public and provides departmental press releases, organizational information, and information about services for individuals seeking housing assistance.
  • HUDuser.gov is intended for the research community and provides a vast array of housing research, data, and policy analysis published by HUD’s Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R).

About Community Compass and the HUD Exchange

The HUD Exchange is supported through Community Compass, HUD’s Technical Assistance Initiative.

What is Community Compass?

Community Compass helps HUD’s customers navigate complex housing and community development challenges by equipping them with the knowledge, skills, tools, capacity, and systems to implement HUD programs and policies successfully. The goal of Community Compass is to empower communities to implement successful programs by providing effective technical assistance and capacity building services.

Community Compass brings together technical assistance investments from across HUD program offices, including Office of Community Planning and Development, Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, Office of Housing, Office of Policy Development and Research, and Office of Public and Indian Housing.


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